Tips on Planning a Color Run

Tips on Planning a Color Run

Color runs can be an exciting event for both school children and parents alike. Combine it with a school fundraiser, and you’ve got a colorful, energetic activity that will make memories for years to come. Though organizing a color run might seem daunting, our step by step guide can help take the stress out of planning, and Peacock Powder can take the stress out of finding an affordable, non-toxic powder brand!

Tip 1: Plan with your school

See if your school is planning on holding any fundraisers this school year. If not, let them know you’re interested in helping out! Another great way to get involved with upcoming school events and fundraisers is getting involved with your Parent Teacher Association, or PTA. The PTA works closely with the school for fundraising opportunities, so they can either point you in the right direction, or help you join the PTA in order to help with the planning.

Tip 2: Choose a When, Where, Why

Once you’ve gotten together with your PTA or school to discuss a color run, it’s time to work on when the run will take place. You want to make sure your color run isn’t around any holidays or long weekends, as many students might leave with their families for vacations. You also don’t want your color run to fall on a day that the school already has an event planned. As for time of year, many people do their color run fundraisers in the Spring, however, color runs can be fun any time of year! 

As you line up your date, determine if you want to do your color run at the school or at another location. Anywhere with a track or clear running path is perfect for a color run- avoid places like forests, public trails, or anywhere that would be heavily occupied by runners and walkers not from your school. We recommend holding the color run at your school or a nearby park.

Tip 3: Order Powder

For the integral part of the color run, don’t trust anyone but Peacock Powder for all your colored powder needs! Our powder comes in 8 vibrant colors, and can be bought either in bulk (perfect for a color run), or in 100g, 1 pound, or 5 pound bags. Don’t sacrifice quality for price- with Peacock Powder, you can purchase high quality colorful powder that won’t break the bank. For beautiful, kid safe powder with fast shipping, shop Peacock Powder today!

Tip 4: Advertise, advertise, advertise!

You want as many people to attend your color run as possible, and that comes with properly advertising your event. There are many different places you can promote your color run- weekly school newsletters, posters in the school, morning announcements, private Facebook groups for your school, and more! No matter where you advertise, make sure to do it in spaces where the majority of viewers will be students and their parents. Do not advertise the school color run in more public places, where those not from your school could see and attend.

When advertising, make sure that the date, time, and location are clearly stated. Tell readers that this is a school authorized fundraiser, and share any links or other important information parents might need.

Tip 5: Round up the volunteers

It takes a village- a village of volunteers! As you advertise, let parents know where they can find information to help with volunteering. Volunteers are vital for school events such as color runs. As your event gets closer, make sure to have meetings with your volunteers, and everyone else involved with planning, to prep for the big day! Here’s a list of volunteers you may need for your color run-

  1. Check in
  2. Water station
  3. Set up/ take down
  4. Photographers
  5. First Aid

Tip 7: Encourage participants to wear white

For color runs, wearing white is the way to go! That way, others can see all the vibrant colors from the run. We recommend getting a white T-shirt and pants specifically for the run, as you can not only preserve the colors, but also not dirty any of your clothes. The colorful T-shirts can be a memento of the fun color run you helped put on!

Tip 8: Participate in the fun!

You and your team have been planning this event for some time now. Why not indulge in the fun? Everyone is a kid at heart, so wear white, get some snacks, and enjoy the colorful display! Challenge your kids to a race, or grab some powder to get in on the throwing fun. 

Color runs can be a lot of work, but with planning and preparation, it can be an exciting and fun event for all ages. Remember, for vibrant colored powder for all your events, shop Peacock Powder!

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