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4 Simple Steps for Setting Up a Color Powder Party

 Color Powder Run Festival Party

You might be thinking, what even is a color party? Well, we'll tell you! It's pretty much every child's dream-come-true. You've probably seen pictures of kids throwing handfuls of colored powder at each other, with smiles wide and entertained parents watching on the sidelines (or joining in). Hosting a color powder party for your youth group, class, sports team, summer camp group, or any other group of youth is a great way to help children bond, get excited, and have some inexpensive fun. You can incorporate different games into the party or just let everyone go at it! The most important part is to have fun. 
How do you set up a color party?
Step 1 – Prepare
You can prepare the powder beforehand or have the kids and teens prepare it as part of the activity. You can divvy up the powder into dixie cups, nylon socks, or little baggies. Whatever method is easiest and most cost effective for you! We also have pre-packaged 100g powder bags, 1 pound powder bags, and 5 pound powder bags to make things easier for you. Or you can choose from one of our bulk powder boxes and divvy up the powder yourself! We recommend getting at least 1 pound per person but no less than 1/2 a pound.
Color Powder for Color Run or Party
Step 2- Plan Your Games
Once the powder is divided up, it's time to start playing! Here are some awesome games we'd recommend! 
  • Color Powder Capture the Flag- Divide the field into quadrants with a neutral square in the middle of the field. Put the flags at the back of each quadrant. Players must stay in the boundaries of the field or they are out. If you are hit with another team players nylon-filled stocking, you are out. Once you are out, you sit down. You can still hit people with socks while you are sitting, but you cannot leave the zone you are in. Players are trying to capture all three of the other teams flags. 
  • Color War- Divide everyone into two groups. The point of the game is to cover the other team with as much of your color as possible! Adults choose which team wins at the end (or you don't have to decide on a winner at all.)
  • Sock Toss- Like an egg toss, but with color powder filled nylons. Drop the nylon and you're out! 
Color Powder Festival Run Party
Step 3- Decide on a Uniform
We know your heart is beating fast at the thought of a bunch of kids covered in colored powder but fortunately, color powder is very easy to clean up. We would still recommend the kids wearing something they don't mind getting dirty (or that their parents don't mind them getting dirty). Most people opt for a white t-shirt because it's what will make the colors shine the brightest! Make sure the kids or teens are wearing shoes they don't mind getting a little color on. Shake off any loose powder that gets on the shoes and then hand dry them or throw them in the wash afterward!
Powder Color Run Festival Party
Step 4- Plan the Cleanup
Leaving the Party- Having a plan for the cleanup will make everything less stressful. Have the kids shake off any loose powder on themselves or their clothes before getting into their car. We'd also recommend having them bring a towel to sit on so you don't have any angry incoming calls from parents with colorful backseats. Don't worry, the powder washes out of hair and off of skin quickly and should also wash out of clothes very easily!
Hair- Children and teens with light colored hair might have remains of color in their hair for a few days so make sure they know they may need to rock a colorful hair-style for a few days afterward! If they have prom or an important event the next day, let them know they should wear a hat or put coconut oil in their hair so the powder sticks less. Darker colored hair should be just fine!
Powder Color Party Run Festival
The ground- Color powder washes off of cement and grass easily. Use a big broom to get the majority of the powder and any remains can be washed away with a hose or sprinkler or over time with rain showers.