Throwing a Color Powder Party

Throwing a Color Powder Party

With the color powder trend growing in popularity, you don’t have to actually run a race to join in on the fun.  If your kid happened to have their birthday in spring or summer, it means that a color powder birthday party will be a great choice for you.

Even though throwing an awesome color run themed birthday party would be a blast, here are a few other ideas we have that you can try.

Have a Color Powder War

At some point during your party, the kids will gather together and engage in a color powder “war". This means they will toss color powder all over one another. 

Color Powder Games

This can be fun to incorporate into your party planning.  You can play anything from tag to twister.  Twister is an especially fun game to play with powder.  You will just set up your twister mat and on every colored circle, place that corresponding colored powder.  Spin the wheel and have so much fun playing in the color.

Obviously you want to do these closer to the end of the party, as this will be the messiest part of the day.


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