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Tannerite Gender Reveal Powder Explosive Shooting Target

Gender Reveal Tannerite Exploding Targets in Pink or Blue are a very popular way to announce the gender of your unborn child.
You need to be very far away and you need to make sure it's not on government property. Check the laws of your state to make sure it is legal to purchase and use an exploding binary target in your area.
It's called a binary explosive target because 2 components must be mixed together before it can be considered an explosive. Then it has to be hit with a projectile moving at least 2200 fps.
You don't mix the color powder in with the binary target, you simply set the Peacock Powder on top of it and then shoot the target and it will explode and rip open the bag of color powder and cause a giant cloud of color powder.

pink tannerite exploding target gender reveal color powder