Peacock Powder Buyer's Guide

Peacock Powder Buyer's Guide


Not sure how much powder to buy? Check out this how-to page with information about all of our powder size quantities and their best uses! 

100 G Packets 

100 gram packets are perfect for testing colors out before you buy! You can bundle a 7 pack (1 of each color) to save when testing out colors! These are the smallest quantity options we have available, and cost only $1.40 each. They are also handy to give to race participants if you are going to (and you should) have a powder fight at the end of your race! Include one of these in every racer's swag bag and tell them to save them for the finish line! Check out our wholesale pricing on 100 g packets here.

1 lb Bag of Powder 

Our single pound bags of powder are great for powder festivals, powder parties, gender reveals, arts and crafts, and are used for many fundraisers. Many people purchase the pink and blue colors in this size for gender reveal ideas. You can use these as samples packs as well if you want bigger samples than the 100g packets! We sell these individually or as a 7 pack with all of our colors. These are the perfect size if you need a small quantity of power. 

5 lb Bag of Powder

Our 5 lb bags of powder are our most popular size. They come in a convenient bag with a zip-seal top. If you're putting on a bigger event, you may want to order quite a few of these. We recommend at a minimum providing 1/2 of powder per participant. If you're going to have multiple color stations or have a race longer than a 5K we highly recommend considering 3/4 lb to 1 lb of powder per person. Powder goes faster than you think! We also bundle these in 7 Packs, giving you a total of 35 pounds of powder at a discounted rate! 

Wholesale Powder 

20 lb Box of Colored Powder

We have multiple options for 20lb boxes for you to chose from! They come with different color combinations, breaking up the 20 lbs into 4 different 5 lb bags. If you don't see one that suits your needs, you can mix and match! Just email us at immediately after you place your order with your order number and the colors you'd like and we can put it together for you. Please note that all custom combinations must be increments of 5 lbs of powder. 

25 lb Box of Colored Powder

Our 25 lb box of colored powder comes with one color that you can chose from our drop down. They will either come in one bag (pictured above) or they will come in 5 individual 5 lb bags. If you're just wanting one color at your event, this is a great way to purchase powder at great price! 

50 lb Box of Colored Powder

Our 50 lb box of powder is our largest box that you can purchase powder in. It comes with either 2- 25 lb bags of powder, or it will come in 10- 5 lb bags of power. You can chose which two colors you'd like! They can be the same or be different, but they must come in increments of 25 lbs. 

350 lbs and 500 lbs of Wholesale Color Powder

Our 350 lb and 500 lb powder bundles get you powder at only $2.90/lb. This is the best powder deal available, and we'll even give you free standard shipping on orders over $300! We're happy to price match you if you find better prices elsewhere.
The 350 lb bundle includes 50 lbs of each color. If you order the 500 lb bundle, please email us your powder requests in 5lb increments and we'll work with you to customize your order. Please note that we are tax exempt
We hope this guide helps! Feel free to email us at if you have additional questions. Don't forget to tag us at @peacockpowder with photos from your event to be featured on our page! #PeacockPowder 

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