Gender Reveal Product Guide

Gender Reveal Product Guide

Gender Reveal Powder Products

Looking for a way to make your gender reveal unique? Check out our gender reveal products to make your reveal extra special! 


Burnout Bags 

Burnout bags are a great way to create a big impact on your gender reveal party! Each burnout kit comes with 2 lbs of powder, a black bag to keep the color a secret, and double-sided tape for installation. We have seven colors of powder available, and practice kits so you can try them out before the reveal!

The kits come ready to use; all you have to do is remove the backing on the double-sided tape and stick it to the top of your tire. Then, when you do a burnout, the powder will explode behind the back of the tire giving you the desired effect! It's as easy as that. 

Color Powder 

If you like to be creative yourself, you can purchase color powder independently. We have 100 g packets, 1 lb bags, 5 lb, and 10 lb bags available. The sky's the limit with powder! You can put it in a box and then shoot it to make the powder explode (be very careful with this because color powder is actually quite flammable). You can use color powder at your party for arts and crafts. Kids love playing with and throwing powder around! Many people will have their guests wear white T-shirts and then turn their gender reveal party into a color powder party. You can also use color powder to create amazing gender reveal photos! Simply put color powder on your hands to create hand prints on t-shirts, posters, or other crafts. If you have multiple kids, you can put color powder on some of the younger kids' hands or feet to make super cute hand and foot prints! 

Gender Reveal Cannons 

We have quite a few different types of cannons. Please note that all of our cannons are made with biodegradable materials and are discretely labeled so that nobody will know what color is inside until they're popped! 
A note on shipping: we take extra care to make sure all of our cannons are packaged properly so that they don't leak during shipping. However, not all shipping carriers handle our packages with care and sometimes a little bit of powder can leak from the top of our cannons during transport. If that happens, don't worry! All you need to do is take a wet rag or a Colorox Wipe to wipe up the leaked powder. They are still good to use and a small leak won't affect the cannon at all! 
Color Codes: Since all of our labels are discrete, there won't be anything on the outside of the cannon to indicate color. If you order multiple cannons of different colors, we'll put a small sticker on the end of each cannon to indicate its color. If the sticker falls off, just look at the bar code. The last number indicates color: 1= Pink, 2 = Blue! 

Powder Cannons 

Powder cannons are some of our most popular products. These are great because there's no mess to clean-up! Please note that when you pop a powder cannon, a big cloud of smoke will shoot out immediately. Have your cameras ready! The smoke cloud will stick around for 2-8 seconds depending on wind and other environmental factors. You might want to have a couple cannons handy if you want to make larger powder clouds. 

Confetti Cannons 

Confetti cannons are another popular product because they create really cool effects for photos! You can shoot the cannons straight into  the air to create photos of confetti falling down all around you. You can also shoot one towards the camera to get an effect similar to the photo below: 

All of our confetti is biodegradable, so you don't have to worry about cleaning it up! We have blue and pink confetti cannons available. 

Party Cannons 

Want the best of both worlds? Checkout our Party Cannons! These shoot off both powder and confetti! All of our cannons are available in multi-packs too! You can chose single cannons, two packs, or four packs. For our four pack options, you can chose all 4 cannons to be either pink or blue, or you can chose to have 2 cannons of each color. 

24" Party Cannons 

Want to make a bigger impression? Look into our 24" party cannons! They are currently on sale too. They will make a larger cloud and explode more confetti than the 12" cannons. Don't forget to have fun with your photo editing! Highlighting confetti or powder in black and white photos can make amazing effects! 

Gender Reveal Sports Balls


Step up to the plate for this unique gender reveal! Have a friend or family member pitch one of our gender reveal baseballs that explodes colored powder when it's hit! Don't worry, all of our powder is biodegradable and will wash away with the next rain. Each baseball pack comes with two balls. You can chose to have them both pink, both blue, or one of each! There will be a sticker on each ball to indicate color. 

Golf Balls 

If golfing is your thing, you'll love our gender reveal golf balls! Each pack comes with two balls (you can chose your colors), and one tee. Each ball will be sticker-ed to indicate color. You can have multiple people tee-up at once to get a great photo of everyone's colors exploding at once! 
Do you have more gender reveal ideas that you'd like to share? Send us an email at Be sure to tag us on your Instagram photos for a chance to win giveaways and to be featured on our page! @Peacockpowder #Peacockpowder 
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