Colored Powder and Safety

Colored Powder and Safety

     Colored powder is a fun, vibrant addition to any event, such as color runs, Holi festival, and more. But for some, the bright hues may seem less fun, and more of a safety hazard. Especially for parents, whose children are participating in their school’s color runs or using the powder for other purposes, their safety is paramount. We here at Peacock Powder are here to assure you that when used properly, colored powder is safe and can be used without worry for a multitude of purposes. Some commonly asked questions about colored powder are as follows-

     1) Is colored powder safe? Colored powder is safe to use for all ages. Holding it, throwing it, and running through clouds of it poses virtually no threat to the average healthy person or child. If your child experiences asthma or other respiratory complications, we encourage you to take extra precautions before using colored powder, as too much inhalation can affect sensitive lungs.

     2) Is colored powder safe to inhale? You should never snort or ingest any colored powder. However, being around clouds of colored powder should not cause excess damage to the average child or adult. If respiratory problems occur, we recommend removing yourself or your child from the area as soon as possible. If you or your child are concerned about excess inhalation of colored powder, protective goggles or masks can be used as a barrier between the colored powder and the nose/ mouth.

     3) What should I do if I get colored powder in my eyes? We recommend rinsing your eyes out with water as soon as possible, and refraining from other colored powder activities for the rest of the day.

     4) Does color powder stain clothes? Colored powder definitely has the possibility of staining clothes. We recommend not wearing any clothes that you would not be okay with staining. We also have seen many people wearing white to their events with colored powder, and keeping the brightly colored clothes as memories for years to come- which we think is a great idea!

     5) Does colored powder come out of clothes? Colored powder can definitely come out of clothes, however we still recommend not wearing anything you’d prefer not to be stained. Make sure to get as much powder off your clothes before washing, and then send it through the washing machine to dry.

     6) Does colored powder stain hair and skin? No, colored powder does not stain skin. If you have light colored hair, you may see a slight tint in your hair after using colored powder. However, a quick shower can get the tint, and any extra powder, off your skin and hair.

     7) Is colored powder toxic? No, colored powder is not toxic. Colored powder is safe to be around and to handle.


     Now that you’ve got all the colored powder facts, head over to Peacock Powder for all of your colored powder needs! We sell high quality, affordable powder that’s perfect for any occasion- color runs, gender reveals, photoshoots, and more! We sell powder in 100 gram, 1 pound, and 5 pound bags, and they all come in beautiful, vibrant colors. Make sure to shop today and take advantage of the great savings!

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