Color Powder Family Fun

Color Powder Family Fun

Are you looking for a fun activity for your upcoming family trip?

With the summer months approaching and all the fun family vacations that are being planned, why not add some amazing color to the itinerary?  Planning a day full of Color Powder activities would brighten anyone's day.  Whether you are throwing it for the entire group or just wanting to entertain the kids while the "big kids" watched, here is how you can easily throw a fun Peacock Powder filled day.
Designating a color?
Depending on how many people will be at your colorful day, you can either designate a color per person or split into teams and give each team a color.  Or if you want to keep it really simple, just have the colors be a free for all and everyone can use any color they would like. We have 7 beautiful and bright colors to choose from.  Our colors are Yellow, Orange, Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, and Red
What are the ordering options?
If you are ordering through our wholesale section, you can choose any of our colors as long as it is in 5 pound increments.  We have wholesale options in 20 pounds, 25 pounds, 50 pounds, 350 pounds, and 500 pounds.  We also have a 70 count 100g individual bags wholesale option if you are wanting each person to have their own bags of color.
How much Color Powder will you need?
We usually suggest 1/2 pound to a full pound of powder per person.  You will also have to decide if you are just doing one giant color war or if you are wanting to do yard games involving powder that leads up to the main event!  If you decide to do the yard games then we suggest you have some extra powder on hand for the games.
How to distribute the powder?
There are a few different ways and usually it goes down to personal preference.
Here are a few suggestion:
1.  Filling up Dixie cups at color station (buckets of each powder).
2.  Using Nylon you fill with powder to softly hit each other with.
3.  Condiment bottles can be more expensive, but an effective way to distribute the color.
4.  Throwing the powder with your hand and giving each person individual bags.
What to wear?
You really can wear whatever you would like, but we do recommend wearing white as this will make the colors pop when they are thrown at you.  Also, we suggest wearing glasses to protect the eyes and something to cover your mouth and nose (like a bandana or mask) as it can get irritated once the color is thrown.

How to throw a Color Powder war?



To start off your color war, you will have to figure out a way to start with a BANG.  You can either do a countdown to that first toss or play a fun song and when the beat drops you throw up the powder.  Get creative this is where the fun starts. 
Once the initial throw has happened have everyone go crazy! Run, chase, and throw the powder on everyone respectfully! Make sure everyone has plenty of powder or easy access to the powder stations to continue to fill up as the war continues.
We suggest you lay down some rules before the event.  Maybe no throwing powder at the powder stations and have a rest area in case someone wants to step out of the game for a bit.
Don't forget to smile and have some fun!

Yard Game Ideas

If you have decided to play yard games before the color war, here are a few fun ideas you can play (or come up with your own): 

Color Powder Toss

Everyone picks a partner and then lines up in front of their partner in two long lines, finger tip to finger tip.  Nylons filled with color are given to one line.  On go the group with the stockings must toss their stocking underhand to their partner.  Everyone then takes one step back and partners toss the stocking back.  If you drop your stocking you are out.  Team that throws the sock the furthest is the winner.

Mystery Balloon

Black balloons are filled with a little powder (a different color for each team, more teams equals more colors) then blown up and tied.  Teams send one person up to the front. They pick a balloon and sit on the chair.  Then they hold the balloon over their head and pop it with a pin  If the balloon is your teams color, you get 2 points. If the balloon is another team’s color that team gets 1 point.

A classic game with a little bit of added fun.  The idea is simple in that you play the tried and true game of Twister with all the tools and rules as prescribed, however, you add color powder to each of the floor mat circles. This way when players struggle to reach or stretch to their next move and falls, they end up a colorful mess.  If you have a large group you may choose to have several twister mats taped together or just sitting next to each other.
Another classic game with a twist.  Instead playing boring old Tag, add some color.  Using nylon stockings fill the bags with different colors.  Play the game, but instead of "tagging" others with your hand gently hit or throw the colored nylon stockings at them.  The person that was hit is now it and will chase everyone.  You can either have a time limit for this game or give everyone a specific color and once everyone is hit with EVERY color distributed out the game is then over.

Don't forget to take pictures!!!

You can either have a designated person taking pictures throughout the event or have everyone take their own pictures.  But, do not forget that FINAL PHOTO of everyone at the end of the event.
We want to see your fun, so do not forget to tag us on social media and we may use your photos!
Get creative and most of all...HAVE FUN!
Vacations are a time to let loose, so bring out that inner child in everyone and make some memories.
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