10 Things To Know Before Attending Your First Color Fun Run

10 Things To Know Before Attending Your First Color Fun Run

Attending your first color fun run?
Read through these tips to make sure you have the best experience yet!

1. Wear A White Shirt And Any Neon You Have

Wearing a white shirt is perfect for making color powder really stand out! If you have any other neon clothes, hats, socks tutus, or other costumes throw those on too! Wearing neon will help make the colored powder pop! 

2. Take Before And After Photos

Don't forget the before and after pictures! These are so fun to compare after the race. If you can, take them in a similar place or in a similar pose to really make the color differences stand out when comparing photos! 

3. Protect Your Phone 

Colored powder is very fine and has a way of getting EVERYwhere... even in the cracks of your phone! Make sure to bring a Ziploc bag or something similar to stash your phone in during the run to keep it safe! Depending on the season, you may get sprayed with water during the run so you'll want to watch out for that too! If you don't want to bring your phone during the run, make sure to have it stashed with a friend or in your car at the finish line. You'll definitely want photos there! 

4. Wear Sunglasses 

Remember how colored powder is very fine and gets everywhere? Well, that includes your eyes too! Make sure you wear sunglasses to try to keep as much powder away from your eyes as possible. If you don't want to run with sunglasses on, no problem! Just carry them so you can at least wear them as you run past the color stations. There's bound to be powder just about everywhere in the air at those places, so you'll want to keep your eyes protected there. 

5. Take Your Time

Don't forget, the point of a color run is to have fun! Feel free to run, walk, jog, skip, or dance your way to the finish line! Everyone is there to have fun and enjoy the journey, so don't worry if you're in the slow lane, nobody's judging! 

6. Don't Hold Back 

This is your chance to get completely covered in powder, so why not take advantage of it? Get powder in your hair, cover your face, and have a blast! You can get really cool photos by shaking color in your hair! 

7. Bring Clothes For The Drive Home

After taking photos, you'll want to dust off as much powder from your body and clothes as possible before getting into your car. That said, excess powder can still get on your car seats despite your efforts. If it does, don't worry! Our Premium Holi Color Powder won't stain anything! It washes out no problem. You can save yourself the headache of cleaning out your car simply by bringing an extra set of clothes! After changing, throw your colorful clothes in a plastic bag to keep all the powder contained. 

8. Bring Towels 

If you don't want to completely change your clothes, bring some towels to put over your seats! Towels also come in handy if you get powder in your eyes, or want to wash your face off before driving home. Having an extra water bottle handy to dampen the towel works wonders too! 

9. Take Advantage Of The Color Toss At The End 

This is arguably the best part! Grab some powder and go wild! There really aren't any rules at this point, just make sure you don't throw powder at anyone's face! Enjoy your powder run, and don't forget to tag #PeacockPowder to get your photos featured on our page! 

10. Post A Picture! 

You can get the coolest photos at Color Fun Runs, so don't forget to take lots of photos! Enjoy your powder run, and don't forget to tag @PeacockPowder to get your photos featured on our page! 

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