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Holi Color Powder Blasters

Our exclusive holi color powder blasters are a perfect addition to any party, festival, color run, fundraiser or activity.

We have it all, even color powder extinguishers that last a lot longer than the blasters but also cost a lot more money.

Our holi gel packs and uv glow powder are also very popular. Want to smell the rainbow? Check out our scented color powder as well.

Anything you need that contains color powder, we have it.

Our gender reveal powder section is full of gender reveal balls for all sports: baseball, soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, golf, pickleball, softball. You name it, we have a ball full of color powder in that sport.

Want to go shooting? We have explosive binary targets that explode our color when you shoot them. Don't want to go that big? We have colored powder in clay pigeons called "skeet powder" that make shooting skeet much more fun visible.